We add this Polish brand of amplification to our permanent stock of products. Taurus have been producing great sounding bass amps for many years. 


This pedal belongs in the Silver Line series (top of the line but affordable). It is a True Bypass Reverb/Delay unit that nicely combines these two effects in one pedal. You can adjust Reverb lenght, Delay Time, Delay feedback and Reverb-Delay Blend. Neat!













Taurus Zebu SilverLine Series-Reverb/Delay

Taurus Zebu SilverLine Series

Type of effect: Reverb-Delay
Controls: Delay (time), Reverb (time) Balance (Reverb-Delay), Effect (wet/dry), Repeat (feedback)
Power: 12 Volt. Power supply included
True Bypass: Yes
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Taurus Zebu SilverLine Series-Reverb/Delay