• Maruszczyk Barabass II Black

New improved version of the great Maruszczyk Barabass Combo. Same solid construction and 400W in a compact cabinet with a 12" and tweeter. It has two channels, one for electric and one for acoustic, although you can use both for electric. The acoustic channel features both Jack and XLR inputs (this one with phantom power for condenser mics like the excellent DPA 4099 and others), 4 band EQ and Phase invert switch to reduce feedback. The electric channel has Active and Passive bass inputs, Phase switch, 4 band EQ and 3 extra filters: Bottom (low end), Contour (mid scoop) and Presence (extra treble). The excellent Balanced DI can work Pre or Post EQ, and you can decide whether you want to send the Acoustic channel through it or not.

Maruszczyk Barabass II Black

Power: 400W
Speakers: 1x12
Preamp: Solid State
Power Amp: Class A/B
EQ: 4 Band per channel
Other controls: Bottom, Contour, Presence (Electric Channel)
DI: Yes, Balanced. Pre-Post selectable
Other connectors: Tuner output
Voltage: 220 Volts
Weight: 20kg/44lbs
Ext Speaker output: Yes (min impedance 8 Ohm)
More: 2 Channel design
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Maruszczyk Barabass II Black