900W in a tiny box wth a big sound. This Puma 900 belongs in the new TecAmp series of amps with better sound than ever. It is one of the few true flat-sounding amps when all controls are set to 0. The 4 band EQ is extremely sensitive, and the great Taste contol makes it possible to dial in your sound easily from ultra deep (reggae, Latin) to modern and bright.  We believe these are the best amps in its class, with a natural sound and low end punch that other Class D amps only dream of.

TecAmp Puma 900

Power: 900
Min Impedance: 4 Ohm
Preamp: Sold State
Power amp: Class D
EQ: 4 band EQ + Taste control
Other controls: Gain, Master Volume
DI: Yes, Balanced. Pre-Post selectable
Other connections: Tuner output, headphone out, Aux in, FX loop, unbalanced out
Voltage: 110-240 Volts, authomatic
Weight: 1,49kg/2,2 lbs
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TecAmp Puma 900