This is Aguilar's current flagship. Born from the mythical DB750 (which is considered a true standard), the DB751 features even power powerful EQ and still the same wattage, musical tone and vast dynamic range.  It is called to become the new standard in studios and stages worldwide.

Minor dings in the chassis.

MADE In USA. Offer Limited to 1 unit only.

Aguilar DB751

Power: 975W
Min Impedance: 2 Ohms
Preamp: Valve (12 AX7 x3)
Power amp: MOSFET (x12)
EQ: 3 band EQ + Deep & Bright boost switches
Other controls: Send and Return
DI: Yes, transformer balanced
Other connections: FX Send and Return
Weight: 19kg, 42lbs
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Aguilar DB751