Here's an amp that the bass world has been waiting for for a long time (decades). Well, the wait was worthwhile. It is an all tube 100W head with two channels (Vintage/Overdrive), 100W/25W selector, silent mode for recording (with internal power soak, so no need for a cabinet in that mode, great for the studio) and a really flexible EQ. the Overdrive channel has Gain and Blend controls, so you can dial in your desired amount of distortion but keeping the Blend at 0 actually produces a modern tone with a Cut/Boost Bass & Treble EQ with semi-parametric mids. The Vintage channel doesn't need to be explained, as it sounds absolutely classic. There's also a continuous tube monitoring system that allows you to check them at any given time, and also lets you change the tubes easily without the need to take it to the tech to permorm the bias operation, saving you time and money.  In the studio the silent mode proes to be very effective, and the balanced XLR output captures the true essence of the tube head without the need of having a cabinet plugged in, another first for this amp.

Fender Bassman 100T

Power: 100W
Min Impedance: 8/4/2 Ohms (transformer))
Preamp: Valve: 12AX7 x2
Power amp: Valve: AT7 + 6L6 x4
EQ: Vintage Channel: 3 band with Deep and Bright switches. Overdrive Channel with 3 band EQ, sweepable m
Other controls: Gain control on Overdrive Channel and Blend control to mix the desired amount of Saturation
DI: Yes, Balanced. Speaker Free operation for mute operation in the studio
Other connections: Tuner out, Channel select pedal, Preamp Out, Power Amp Input
Voltage: 220 Volts
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Fender Bassman 100T