• Spector Europe NT 5LXEX Maple Black Stain

We add SPECTOR to our huge inventory of basses, and we do it the best possible way: a lot of instruments and amazing offers. This is a Euro 5 LX, made in Czech Republic by a small company. It proves why Spector are among some of the most interesting basses in the world.  It features the original body that was designed by Ned Steinberger and Stuart Spector in New York. Excellent tonewoods, construction and finish, and of course the best electronics. In this case it comes with active EMG 35 CS pickups and 2 band active EQ. The sound is full bodied and clear. The 35" scale makes for a tight and powerful low B. Please note: only 1 bass at this OFFER price.

Spector Europe NT 5LXEX Maple Black Stain

Body: Alder
Top: Quilted maple
Neck: Maple 3 piecer with graphite reinforcement bars
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Construction: Neck Thru
Frets: 24
Pickups: EMG 35 CS Active
Electronics: Active, Spector
Controls: Volume, Balance, 2 band EQ (Boost only)
Scale (inches): 35"
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Spector Europe NT 5LXEX Maple Black Stain