We can safely say these are the best bass cabinets in the world. Power handling, frequency response, sensitivity, ease of transport and of course SOUND, these cabs have the best specs by far and will handle loads of power, letting you hear the real sound of your bass.This awesome 2x12" is taking the market by the storm. Epifani cabinets are famous for their true midrange response, and this one goes one step forward with extra definition and great lows that remain tight.

Epifani UL2-212

Speakers: 2x12" + high frequency driver
Power handling: 700W RMS
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency response: 39Hz-16kHz
Sensitivity: 101db (1w@1m)
Porting: Front
Tweeter control: Yes
Weight: 25kg, 55.5 lbs
Country of origin: USA
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Epifani UL2-212