As you probably know, Emmet Chapman created Stick Enterprises more than 30 years ago in California. He had been trying different approaches to guitar playing and eventually developed a new instrument called Stick. The original and most popular model has 10 strings with this arrangement: a low C string sits in the middle and then you have ascending 4ths and ascending 5hts on each side. This allows the player to play bass lines, chords and melody with each hand.

In this case, the PASV-4 module consists of 4 passive Villex pickups that sound great; coupled with some smart coil switching pots, you get everything from a tradicional Stick sound to a great strato sound that is perfect for rythm and solos. Using a “Y” cable, you can split the signal in two string groups, allowing you to process them individually.

The special short strap and belt hook will put the instrument in the most ergonomic playing position, so that hands will just fall over the fingerboard effortless.

If you have ever tapped on a guitar or bass, you will find that this technique is much easier to play on the Stick. As soon as you get used to the string arrangement, you'll find yourself playing nice lines and songs that could not be played on any other string instrument.

Of course you have to spend some time adjusting your mind to the ascending 5ths pattern, but as soon as you start practicing with the aid of the "Free Hands" method, you discover it is easier than it looks.

Stick 10 Maple

Stick 10 Maple