When it was released in 1961, the Fender Jazz Bass quickly became the instrument of choice for mani bassist who preferred the slimmer neck and twin pickup arrangement compared to the wider neck and single pickup Precision Bass.

What we have here is a close reprodcution of a Jazz Bass from 1970. The original model from 1961 had stacked Volume and Tone (one for each pickup), but this as later changed to the standard 2 Volume + 1 Master Tone pots, which made sound changes faster.

Being a Fender Custom Shop Bass, this bass represents the best instrument that Fender are building, so you get a bass that is built from the best selected woods. Lots of attention to detail has been paid in order to make this bass as authentic as possible. Here's a bold statement: there's no difference between this bass and the original, except you know on this one there are no issues on the neck, frets or electronics.

The low weight swamp ash body is finished in Black and has a maple neck with a maple fingerboard and black block inlays

Jazz Basses from the 70's are famous for their thin taper neck, with a 38,5" wight at the nut so it feels really comfortable under your hand. The nitrocellulose lacquer fisnish is also time correct, and has a nice organic feel to it.

More details that make this a perfect replica of the original are: nickel/chrome hardware, vintage tuning gears, 4 ply tortoise pickguard, as well as the original accessories such as the bridge and neck pickup covers, and even a finger-rest.

The bass has been given the Closet Classic finish. This simulates the wear of an instrument that was actually bought in 1964, played a few times, and then was carefully stored in its case until today (isn't this a bass player's dream?). There are some small dings and scratches, metal parts are only slightly oxidized an the finish is mildly checked.

As soon as you play this bass unplgged, you are rewarded with a clear and punchy response. That is of course a very good sign, so when you plug it in, that's exactly what you get too.

The bridge and pickup plates may get in the middle of your playing technique, but if you give it some time, you end up getting used to them. Of course you can remove one of them or both if you so prefer.

Don't expect a high power machine with a sound on steroids. Sure, this bass is like the best starting point to get that type of sound with an external preamp, but the good news is that what you get is that great 70's sound, nothing more and nothing less.

When you hear a bass like this, you realize why it is a true classic instrument: it does not lack any frequency in the sonic spectrum and at the same time does dramatically boost any either, so it will sit in a mix perfectly with a lot of different instruments regardless the style of music it is used for.

The neck pickup is actually quite close in sound to a split Precision pickup. Grab a pick, plug this axe into a tube bass amp and you'll be in rock heaven

The bridge pickup has the right amount of bite, and if you are a fan of Jaco (who isn't?) you'll put a smile on your face as soon as you play some of Jaco's licks.

With both pickups on, what you get is a full bodied sound, and the Tone control can be used to dial in the right amount of bite.

Note: of course, all of us would like to find an original Fender from the 70's, and get it in decent condition and for a fair price, but that is almost impossible. Prices nowadays are just prohibitive (due to collectors who are buying these basses to speculate with their value) plus there's always the chance that you buy a modified instrument, which would mean it has no value as a collector's instrument and what's worse, you won't get the real thing. That's why we like this bass so much. You are buying an instrument made with the same materials and to same specs as the original, and even feels like a 40 year old bass.




Fender 1970 Jazz Bass Custom Shop

Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Quartersawn maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 20
Pickups: Fender Custom Shop Vintage
Electronics: Passive
Controls: Volume x2, Tone
Neck width at nut (mm): 38mm
Scale (inches): 34"
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Fender 1970 Jazz Bass Custom Shop

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