Sandberg is a small German factory run by bass enthusiasts. They've been releasing great basses for a number of years. Inside their catalogue there are some traditional based modelsmade with great woods and an interesting variety of pickups, electronics and even finish.

The Bullet Booster you see here is an original design, and one of the most successful from this brand, as it perfectly combines ergonomics, comfort, looks and sound.

The alder body comes with a really nice zebrawood top, and there's a matching headstock too.

The canadian rock maple bolt on neck has a quality rosewood fingerboard that houses 24 very well polished frets. Did we say this a very comfortable bass to play?

A set of passive Delano humbuckers effectively capture all the nuances and resonances from the body and neck. In passive mode you get Volume and Balance, and the sound is actually phenomenal in that mode. The active 2 band active EQ adds punch and clarity to make this bass even more versatile. The sound is deep yeat clear, and it is very easy to take it from a fat traditional sound to a modern high end type of sound. There's always a nice percussive aspect in the sound, as the notes seem to jump out of the bass as you play it. This is clearly a good prove that things have been done well at the Sandberg factory.

Note: this bass has been released by Sandberg with a very special offer through selected dealers in Europe. We have been lucky enough to get a couple of them.



Sandberg Bullet Booster Zebra 4

Sandberg Bullet Booster Zebra 4

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