You probably know the story: Leo Fender was diagnosed terminal cancer in the late 60’s, so he decided to sell his company to someone who could continue his work and spread the name Fender through the world in the future. He sold it to CBS, but his cancer proved to be a medical error and he still lived 30 years more. Unable to buy his “name” again, he founded Musicman in the early 70’s and created the first active bass in the world: the Stingray bass.

This bass combined the old ergonomics of a good Precision bass with upgraded bridge, pickup (a powerful humbucker located at the harmonic sweet spot) close to the bridge and killer sound.

This is a 4 string Stingray model with the 3 band upgrade (2 band is standard). Other upgrades include: Cherry Sunburst and pearloid pickguard.

As for the sound, the Stingray doesn't immitate other basses. Rather, it has a sound all of its own, and that's the reason why so many bassists, producers and sound engineers prefer it over other basses. The trademark upper mids helps cut through in a mix.

Obviously, the work of heavy slappers such as Lous Johnson and Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) has made this a favourite bass for that techninque, but you can acutally play any type of music, and you'll be rewarded with a full bodied sound that also bites like no other.

This is a used bass. Apart from a few blems in the body (just minor thing), it is perfect. Sold with fresh strings, perfectly setup and original hardshell case.

Musicman Stingray

Musicman Stingray

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