We are glad to introduce these products that represent excellent value for money and come from the great bass player Adrian Maruszcyk. Here are some words from Adrian:


For 30 years and counting, I've been putting my heart into music and everything related with it. I've had the opportunity to use a variety of different instruments, amps and other gear during live shows and studio work. Thanks to extensive testing and research, I collected a great deal of experience in the areas of tone woods, pickups, hardware and strings.

The knowledge I collected during those years allowed me to create musical instruments, amplifiers and accessories for the working musician whose functionality, tone and price/performance ratio are second to none. The constant development and improvement of my products will always remain my top priority.

Adrian Kuban-Maruszczyk



We've met Adrian several times at International Trade Shows like the Frankfurt Musikmesse, the European Bass Day (Germany), etc. His slogan "from player to player" seems to perfectly reflect Adrian's approach to business.

With Adrian at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009


Maruszcyk basses are professional tools for the working bass player who doesn't want to spend a fortune on a new instrument, neither he needs an "exotic" bass. You actually get more than what you pay for, and that is great news. That is why we have decided to add Maruszcyk basses to our stock. We think they fit really well in this price range.



This is the Elwood L5 model, and the L here comes from "Light". At just 3'2 Kg, it sure is lightweight, but that's just the start

The light alder body, bolt on maple neck and maple board with 24 frets create the base for an instrument that you can use ofr hours and hours.

This bass has been created with the working/touring bassist in mind, and no comprimise has been made in terms of quality, sustain or versatility. Actually, the Delano J/MM pickup arrangement is able to offer an important number of great bass tones. The onboard active-passive circuit has Bass and Treble controls. Pulling up the Master Volume switchs into passive mode, and pulling out the Bass control splits the bridge humbuker.

When you are in the market for a 5 string, you obviously pay attention to the low B, and we are happy to report that the 5th string here is loud and clear. The traditional 34" scale and well designed body and upper horn mean that the neck will lay on a very natural playing position, instead of forcing you to stretch your arm as in other bass designs.

Frankly, at this orice range there's no other bass, so we expect that the Elwood L5-24W is going to be a best seller. Get yours now and start enjoying. Your back will thank you!

(Also available as a 4 string)

Gigbag included.

Note: Maruszcyk bases use an English truss rod, so neck adjustment works the opposite way as standard (clockwise to tighten the neck).

Maruszczyk Elwood L 5-24W

Maruszczyk Elwood L 5-24W

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