MARLEAUX Consat Straight II , Aged Black


This is our top seller Marleaux model, and also the most affordable. A nice combination ;-)

The lightweight body is made from a single piece of dibetou, and the bolt on neck is also made with a single piece of premium hard rock maple. The lack of a top and multilaminated neck means that you get the direct (or straight) sound from these woods, with a clear fundamental and plenty of attack.

The heel-less neck joint design extends up to the neck pickup. This is responsible for an easy access to the top frets and also ensures maximum contact between the neck and the body, a crucial area in bolt on instruments.

Two Marleaux Bigmag pickups made by Harry Häussel are used to offer a wide range of sounds. The bridge pickup comes with a 3 way switch that allows Single Coil, Humbucker in Parallel or Humbucker in Series modes. Marleaux’ own ultra quiet 3 band Active/Passive preamp is used on this bass (this is an extra, as the Straight comes passive as standard).

As usual in Marleaux 5 string basses, the low B is phenomenal, and remember this is a 34″ scale bass. This means you don’t have to stretch as much as in 35″ scale basses, but still get a full and defined low B.

This bass comes with the following Extras:

- 3 Band EQ

- Bird’s eye maple fingerboard

- Aged Black Finish (slightly worn out around special areas)

Marleaux booth at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 09 (click to freeze the image, then click again to restart the slide show)


Marleaux Straight II-V, Aged Black

Marleaux Straight II-V, Aged Black

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