Lorita basses are 100% made in Barcelona.

These are actually two of the first Lorita basses which Xavi has been kind enough to send for inspection and approval (of course they are also for sale).

Basic specs will be

- 4, 5 and string versions

- 33″, 34″, 35 or 36″ scale

- Full 2 octave fingerboard

- Fretted, Fretless unlined, fretless fine lined

- Handwound single coil pickups with wood covers.

- Aguilar OBP-1 preamp (other preamps are possible).

- Possibility of making changes over the basic shape of the instruments.

- Lead time: 2 months after the order has been placed


These first two models to arrive in Doctorbass.net are great examples of what Xavi is able to do.

Lorita MK IV model



Neck thru body construction

13 piece maple/wenge multilaminate neck

Siroco body

Flamed/spalted (both) sycamore top

Ebony fingerboard

Active EMG Dual Coil pickups

Active EMG preamp with Bass, Treble, semiparametric Mids and Treble selection switches.

Gotoh machineheads

Note: this is a one-off model and this body shape can’t be ordered again.




Lorita MKIV Custom

Lorita MKIV Custom

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