Sadowsky Metro M5-24 with VTC in Natural.

The Metro line by Sadowsky offers a more affordable instrument for those players who do not wish any special features but still want all the sound and class you only get in a Sadowsky bass. Roger Sadowsky and his team in Tokyo did not cut any corners when they designed these bases. Actually, they sound and feel 100% the same as a NYC model.

M5-24 stands for Maple (board), 5 string, 24 fret neck, and this what you get: modern sound, 5 impressive strings down to low B (Sadowsky make the one of the best low B's in a traditional 34” scale bass).

While many current or modern basses simply lack low end and fundamentals, here you get a meaty sound that is deep yet clear and articulate. Compared to the single coils in other Sadowsky basses, these humbuckers have a beefier tone but at the same time enough snap to cut through in any band situation. The bridge pickup has that awesome growl that simply makes you play faster and easier. Notes just seem to jump from the bass. Blend the two pickups and you get what could be defined as the definitive modern tone. The fact that both pickups are set quite close to the bridge help this bass a unique voice that is clear and assertive.

Access to all 24 frets is excellent (remember, it is a bolt on), and if you are worried by weight, fear not, as this is bass is a breeze to hold, and will prove easy on your back even after long playing sessions.

The internal 2 band preamp is the classic Sadowsky (boost only, bypassable), and there is enough to go from a slight boost to maximum blast, all within a very musical landscape.

From 2007 Sadowsky are offering their Metro series with the option of the VTC installed at the factory. We love the way this Passive Tone control sounds, so from now on, all our Metro basses will come with the VTC installed. This is a passive tone as found in a standard Jazz Bass, and cuts nicely the high end, providing more vintage sounds. You can now go from a traditional Jazz Bass sound to a monster slap sound just using the VTC and swtiching the active preamp on when you need more power.

Sadowsky Metro M5-24 Natural con VTC

Body: Swamp ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24
Pickups: Sadowsky Soapbars
Electronics: Active-Passive: Sadowsky Preamp
Controls: Volume, Balance, 2 band EQ, Passive Tone
Scale (inches): 34"
More: With VTC (Passive Tone)
We are sorry, this product is not part of our stock right now. If you want to order the same or a similar product please contact us and we'll be happy to help

Sadowsky Metro M5-24 Natural con VTC

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