Amazing true Multimode that will let you unleash all your creative potential.

The nice blue stain over the swamp ash body looks distinctive and elegant.

From Stick Enterprises' website:
Now you can tap, strum, pick, pluck, even play open strings, on one instrument.
Our 8-string stereo multi-mode instrument is a collaboration between Emmett Chapman (creator of the Stick) and Ned Steinberger (creator of the NS Double Bass, Bass Cello and many other instruments). Designed to optimize both two-handed tapping, and conventional guitar and bass techniques, this instrument incorporates a number of ideas from both The Stick (the tapping fretboard) and the Steinberger bass (knee rest and headless design), as well as some completely new ideas, like a patented retractable damper, and unique side-saddle bridge and nut height adjustment screws.

For 2006 we've added a new graphite neck by Moses, Inc, with our distinctive Stick rear bevel, and a choice of beautiful hardwoods with staining options and a "soft finish" so the player can really feel the wood.

Other features include:
• Switchable stereo/mono output for two groups of four strings or one group of eight
• Two pairs of active EMG "Front Tele" pickups, with 3-position selectors and independent bass and treble controls

SPECIFICATIONS for 8-String NS/Stick™, all tunings:
Dimensions: 40" (101.6cm) x 10 1/2" wide body (26.67cm) x 7/8" neck (2.2cm)
Scale length 34" (86.4cm)
String spacing at bridge: 4 melody strings .450" (11.43mm),
4 bass strings .590" (14.98mm),
Group spacing .590" (14.98mm)
String spacing at nut: .310" (7.87mm)
Neck width 3 5/8" (9.2cm) at 24th fret and 2 1/2" (6.35cm) at nut
Weight 8.0 lbs (3.63kg)

NS Stick


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