From Manhattan, New York, we add these great amps to our amp stock in the shop.

A little bit of history:

Alex Aguilar, co-founder of this brand along with bassist Dave Boonshoft, is the man behind the legendary Sadowsky onboard preamp. In 1991 Aguilar opened his own amp repair shop (next door to Sadowsky); Dave Boonshoft needed a studio quality tube preamp and asked Alex to build one for him, and the mythical DB680 was born ("DB" for Dave Boonshoft). BAsed on the success of that unit, they created Aguilar Amplification in 1994. Later would come the DB359 and DB728 heads, the OBP-1 internal preamp, and later the brand's flagship, the DB750 hybrid head, as well as the GS and DB series of bass enclosures, the world famous DB924 external preamp and the OBP-3 internal preamp (used by dozens of luthiers) and the new AG500 amps. From 2003 the company is run by Dave Boonshoft and Dave Avenius.


These are some common feature to all Aguilar GS cabs:

- Cast-frame drivers

- Phenolic tweeters with an integral phase plug and variable tweeter level control

- Neutrik Speakon and quarter inch inputs

- seven ply void-free Philippine mahogany construction

- Interlocking corners are also standard.

The Aguilar GS12 might be the most successful single 12" bass cab ever, so Aguilar must have thought "hey, let's make a bigger version for bassists who love the GS12's sound but need more power", and that is what the GS212 is all about. If you don't know what 12" speakers can do for your sound in terms of full bodied tone with plenty of definition, check this cab out.

With power handling up to 600W and a 41Hz a 16Hz freq response, all playing styles come through this cab with detail and authority, be it fingerstyle, pick, slap, tapping, etc. The two front Bass Reflex output make for a very clear and musical tone that does not break up even in very loud situations.

This is a perfect match for the Aguilar DB750 head as well as the AG500

Two well positioned handles and the included casters make moving this cab an easy task.

Aguilar GS212


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