Ashdown MAG 300H  -
Ashdown MAG 300H


This is Ashdown entry level head, but it does pack a lot of power and features for the price.

The sayin goes "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", so Ashdown must feel really flattered, as some brands have copied these units down to the smallest detail.

With a power section of 307W @4Ω, this head is perfect for moderate volume situations, and is of course a perfect head for a beginner that actually needs power to play in a band (not just in the bedroom). If only these amps had existed a few years ago...

Some features:

- 5 Band EQ (rotary controls)
- Switchable Sub-Harmonics®
Control (natural Octaver)
- Balanced D.I. output
- Line and Tuner outputs
- Mute controls¡

Asdown's Mag seriss cabs are of course a perfect match, with 1x15", 210", 4x10" versions plus a mighty 8x10"

Ashdown Mag 300 Evo II

Ashdown Mag 300 Evo II

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