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One of the best fretless in the market, period.

Michael Pedulla has been building no compromise basses for 33 years now. Pedulla basses are a perfect mix of elegant looks and great sound, plus they are easy to play, so you don't have to fight against your instrument to get the best results.

The Hexabuzz is the 6 string fretless version of the famous MVP. The organic and attractive body shape is Pedulla's trademark, and it is also very comfortable to play whether sitting or standing. The body (not just the top) is all made of solid flamed maple, and this contributes to the amazing sustain. Of course, the choice of flamed maple for the body with those incredible Pedulla colors make this one of the best looking basses in the business.

In the Buzz series of instruments, the ebony fingerboard is lacquered in polyester. This protects the fingerboard against string wear, and at the same time has a very positive effect on tone. Jaco Pastorius applied several coats of marine epoxy over the fingerboard of his Jazz Bass after he crudely pulled up the frets, and the idea here is similar, except it is well done, of course.

As with all Pedulla basses, there's something about the low B that is almos impossible to get in other basses. First of all, the lowest notes are loud and clear, but the real surprise comes when you start to play up the neck: the high notes keep their pitch and fundamental past the 12th "fret", so instead of a muddy thump you actually get notes you can use. Even better: this is achieved in a regular 34" scale bass, so you don't have to stretch out to play in tune. Could you ask for more?

Well, there's more: the sound. Sound is a subjective matter, but we can assure you that this bass has one of the best fretless sounds available today. Just using the bridge pickup you get a mouth watering fretless growl, but also an amazing tight sound depending on your right hand position. Bring the neck P pickup in, and you get a full bodied sound hat will find its way into most any style of music. Soloed, the neck pickup offers a very nice woody register, ideal for fat solos and deep walking lines.

The high C string sounds perfectly integrated within the instrument. We mention this because some string basses seem to have a first string that sounds too trebly, almost guitar-like, but that is not the case here. If you are looking for the definitive fretless that allows you to play powerful grooves but also singing solos at the same time, you have to try this one.

The special Bartolini USA pickups and preamp are a perfect match for this bass. The 2 band EQ (boost/cut) gives eough room for sonic variation, always keeping the bass' natural sound.

The Thunderguts switchable circuit (especially made for Pedulla by Bartolini) adds another dimension to the already devastating tonal range, accessing a thicker character with a tight, articulate low-end and midrange.

To sum up: a bass that sounds as good as it looks and plays as good as it sounds.

Pedulla Hexabuzz

Pedulla Hexabuzz

Enlace web http://www.pedulla.com/


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