With this B5 we add Cort basses to our stock instruments.

You probably know that Cort produce excellent instruments with arguably the best value in the market. In most cases, the sum of the parts alone already cost the same (if not more) than the instrument itself.

Take this B5 bass, for instance: for an amazing price you get a 5 string bass with good woods (mahogany body, maple/wenge bolt-on neck and rosewood fingerboard), graphite nut, 24 frets with abalone dots, Bartolini electronics (MkI series), sure-grip knobs, Hipshot tuner, and even 45-130 D'Addario strings installed.

The bass sounds as good as it looks. You get a powerful modern sound that can be used in many different styles of music (if you are after a more traditional sound and look, Cort also offer instruments in that vein).

Especially nice is the loud and clear low B, quite amazing for a bass in this price range that has a standard 34" scale length.

Electronics are clean, and the swtichable 3 band EQ has enough range to adapt the sound of the instrument even further.

Whether you are looking for an affordable first axe, or as a great budget second bass, the Cort B5 in an excellent choice.

Cort B-5


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