Here's a great bass from German luthier Andy Schack. Schack produced a number of high end basses in the 90's and were used by players such as Kai Eckhardt, etc.

Schack basses are no longer making instruments, but you can see from this instrument that they were serious about business. Only the best materials and electronics were used.

The natural oil bubinga body has a great sustain to it and is also very comfortable. The maple neck comes with an ebony board and has 24 frets, with great access to the dusty end of the fingerboard.

Electronics are Schak's own Basstek brand. Two great sounding single coils are used. These have no noise and seem to be a perfect blend of traditional punch and modern agressiveness. The 3 band EQ might look simple, but in fact you can tweak each band's freq and choose from several options for each band via On/Off switches at the back. This means you can make this bass suit any style or band you are playing in. What's more, you can set it now to suit your tastes, and change it in the future as you change (who doesn't?).

Not only are electronics versatile. They are also powerful. Just a slight boost or cut will make a great impact on the sound, so what you have is a great sounding bass that is also very powerful and won't get obsolete.

Schack Unique Bolt On

Schack Unique Bolt On

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