Designed as the perfect extension cabinet for the combo Phil Jones Bass The Suitcase, this is also a great extension cab for other combos or heads (300W, 8 Ohms) especially if you are looking for an affordabl e and small cabinet that also delivers a solid punch with clear highs as well.

PJB's idea of more small drivers really shines here, as you get a cab with a deep sold low end, but also probably more natural than any other cabinet out there thanks to the fact the these 5" drivers do not need a tweeter, hence delivery a much more consistent and smooth freq response.

These are the specs:

300W at 8 Ohms

Frequency Response: 25 Hz+15 kHz

Sensibility: 95 db's

Weight: 18 Kg

Speakon connections

If you were looking for a small and able cab such as a good 2x10" or 1x12", take a llok at this 4x5". You'll be amazed.

Phil Jones 4B


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