A Fender in disguise.

From time to time, Fender releases a bass that, while based on the brand's vast experience making classic basses, takes a new direction, proving that they can also offer new and exciting stuff.

This is the case with Fender's Dimension Bass IV.

The downsized lightweight body makes this bass a perfect choice for those who have to play for hours or suffer from back problems,

The rosewood fingerboard has 24 frets (a Fender's first, along with the Jazz Bass 24) so you can explore that part of the neck and have those upper notes that maybe you've been missing (especially if you play a lot of solos, chors or tapping)

The P/J pickup arrangement has proved to be one of the most versatile ever. The neck split coil is warm and punchy, and the brige J (Noiseless) has the right amount of bite. When used together, you are rewarded with a modern "open" tone that will stand out in any band or mix.

The 3 band active EQ has enough scope to make anything from subtle to extreme sonic variations.

You also have a choice of stringing at the bridge or through the body, so you can choose whether you want to emphasize the instrument's attack or sustain.

Only 1 unit for this price.

Fender Dimension Bass V

Fender Dimension Bass V

Enlace web http://www.fender.com


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