This bass, together with Marcus Miller 4 string signature, is one of the few current Fender basses made in Japan for worldwide distribution.

Based upon Lee's own Jazz Bass that he used with his famous band Rush for years, this is a clear example of how a good sold Fender should sound.

With an alder body, maple C shaped neck and maple fingerboard with black blok inlays, this bass feels just like an old bass from the 70's with that trademark thin neck.

Two Fender Vintage Jazz Bass Pickups are used to capture all the nuances and resonances (this is a very lively bass) that take place when you play the bass. The amazing Leo Quan Badass II bridge is also responsable for his clear tone and great sustain.

Not many basses in the Fender catalog sound quite like this bass. Probably the other bass in this vein is the Fender American Vintage '75, which is a USA reissue model with top finish and workmanship, just like the Geddy Lee bass.

If you are looking for a good 70's Jazz Bass but have not found a good one so far (no neck issues, and a reasonable price), look no further: this bass growls just liket he originals and hass all the punch you'd expect from a bass from that era.

Fender Geddy Lee

Fender Geddy Lee

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