Here's a new Marleaux bass.

Straight II - a reissue of our late 90s bestseller. Still in a very straight outfit but with new designed pick ups with a lot of punch. In combination with the new choice of woods, this leads to a very direct and powerfull rock sound.
• two piece dibetou (lightweight mahogany)
• one piece maple neck, bolt on
• pao ferro fingerboard
• Marleaux singlecoil/humbucker
(with coilsplitting)
• pick up configuration. Big alnico pole pieces,
ebony covers
• passive or with active/passive 2- or 3-band EQ

This bass has a truly amazing low B, especially considering it has a traditional 34" scale.

Harmonics jump out of the bass , and it is easy to go from a deep, quasi traditional tone, to a modern HIFI sound, and also an addictive growl that makes you play the bass non stop.

Marleaux Straight II 5

Marleaux Straight II 5

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