This AGB 200 is the only bass in the Artcore family by Ibanez. This series recreates the semihollow guitars from yesteryear, but with some modern features to imprive playability and sound.

To start with, the short 30'3" scale has some obvious advantages:

- Playability: perfect for small hands or guitar players who will occasionally play bass.

- Warmer sound due to the short string lenght and low tension.

Electronics are very well thought out: 2 passive mini-humbuckers capture the essence of the semihollow instrument and altering your right hand position produces major changes in tone, as does using the Tone controls.

The solid Gibraltar III bridge and tail piece offer plenty of sustain and ease of adjusment (height and intonation).

Ibanez AGB 200

Ibanez AGB 200

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