This is a great bas from Polish luthier Jerzy Drozd.

Jerzy is now based in Barcelona, and along with a small team of carftsmen, buold some of the most sought after basses in the world.

This is a "Basic" model, one of the most affordable in Jerzy's catalogue. It is a bolt on, but the neck actually extends up to the neck pickup.

The neck is joined to the body using 7 bolts. Every aspect of this bass is designed for the most confortable playing experience ever. The small and ergonomic body rests easily on your lap, and the extended upper horn reaches out until the 12th fret, so the bass balances perfectly with a strap and your left arm does not have to stretch as in some other small bodied bass with shorter upper horns.

The neck has a custom string spacing (16mm at the bridge), and is tuned EADGC. The customer who ordered this bass loved Jerzy's basses when he tried them in our shop, but he wanted a narrow spacing. This shows that our customers can choose from a long list of options when ordering these fabulous basses.

The etimoe body has matching knobs. The maple neck sports a beautiful piece of ebony for the fingerboard and the pickups themselves are covered in ebony too.

The pickups might look unnusual that is because they are unnusual. Jerzy makes his own pickups in house in order to make sure that he can control every aspect of the bass from wood selection to the final sound. The pickups are quite flat sounding (these are single coil), and will just reproduce what the bass is doing acoustically, which makes perfect sense. The onboard Aguilar 2 band preamp is powerful enough to make the bass cover any style you might need.

The pickps are also an excellent thumb rest.

Jerzy Drozd Basic 5 (Custom Neck)

Jerzy Drozd Basic 5 (Custom Neck)

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