Here's an amazing bass at a great price.

Rick Turner co founded Alembic in 1970, and later on worked for Gibson. When he started his own company "Rick Turner Guitars" in 1979.

He then co founded Highlander Musical Audio, producing what are probably the best piezo pickups in the world.

This bass belongs to the "Ampli-Coustic" Series. The all walnut back, sides and top are laquered by a thin film to let the wood "breathe". The long 35" scale produces a strong low B.

Electronics are simple, but at the same time incredibly effective: 18 volts power the preamp for maximum headroon; Master Volume and Tone controls let you get a surprising variety of tones, and experimenting with your right hand position gives immediate results. The piezo is really impressive, as the dymanic range is far superior to similar systems, and you can easily go from a deep quasi double bass tone to a 100% electric attack, and from soft to lound, all just by altering your playing technique.

With an instrument as sensitive as this, you'll need some special strings, and thankfully the bass comes loaded with a set of those wonderful Thomastik-Infeld Acousticore. Unplugged, the bass produces a sweet "mwha" and clear attack. Plug it into a flat amp or good P.A. sound and you will hear exactly the same natural sound.

This bass weights 5.5lbs, perfect for long playing sessions.

This bass is an ex demo, but so little used that it could almost pass for new.

Rick Turner Renaissance Fretless 5

Rick Turner Renaissance Fretless 5

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