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Windmill L.M. detras
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Windmill L.M. pala

Linley Marthe is a gifted musician from the Mauritian Islands. He is currently playing with Joe Zawinul, following the steps of an impressive array of bass players in Zawinul's band (Gerald Veasley, Mathew Garrison, Richard Bona, Etiene M'Bappe).

Windmill's Linley Marthe signature bass has been with us for a while, but this Dutch brand has recently upgraded and improved all their models, and we are glad to have one of the new Linley Marthe signature models here with us.

As you can see, this a "back to basics" no frills bass. Just 20 frets, all passive and a set of vintage J-Bass pickups. That's all you are given to play music, and believe us, it is a rewarding bass. It is like a new canvas for a painter. It is just you and the bass, with nothing in between to distract you from making music.

Granted, multistring basses with active electronics are versatile, but there's something pure and simple in this bass that makes you use a different part of your brand and be more creative than ever. You'll have to experiment this by yourself.

Enjoy it!

Windmill Linley Marthe signature

Windmill Linley Marthe signature

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