The Streamer "Jazzman" combines the Streamer bolt-on design with our extremely popular "Jazzman" pick-up configuration. Just like all our other "Jazzman" basses, the Streamer "Jazzman" has a large-pole, humbucking pick-up in the bridge position and a J-style pick-up in the neck position. The body is made of swamp ash back with a 1 inch flamed-maple cap on top, which gives the bass a very warm sound.

The Streamer "Jazzman" is armed with the new MEC BEC III-2 3-way active preamp, a perfect pairing for the pickup configuration. If you are looking for a bass that can give you a wide variety of tones in a very attractive package, then the Streamer "Jazzman" is for you.

Warwick Streamer Jazz Man 5 Nat

Warwick Streamer Jazz Man 5 Nat

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