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Our first and most popular model, the Monarch made its debut in 1983 and is now enjoying its second generation of popularity. The Monarch, notable for its ergonomic design, was carefully engineered to insure perfect balance and maximum comfort. This model is especially popular among players who prefer a more compact instrument.

Victor Wooten, who purchased Monarch bass #037 in 1983 considers this to be his #1 bass, and Marcus Miller who bought a Monarch fretless bass in '84 still uses it regularly.

The Monarch Deluxe features a "heeless" neck to body junction originally pioneered by us in the early 1980s. This model comes standard with dovetail construction (set neck), and a 34" x 24 fret three piece neck of highly select and aged hard maple. Mahogany is the standard body wood, but the Monarch is also available in walnut, swamp ash or alder. East Indian Rosewood, Ebony, and Birdseye Maple are the available wood choices for fingerboards. Also available in Elite (neck-through) and Bolt-on versions.

Fodera Monarch Victor Wooten

Fodera Monarch Victor Wooten

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