OLP builds Officially Licensed Products, hence the name of the company.

This is an MM3 model, and looks plain right with a natural finish and tortoise pickguard. The maple fretboard adds a classy look too and also produces a special snappy sound that slappers will dig.

String spacing is medium: wide enough to allow comfy salp (one of this bass major pros) but also close enough for fast lines, chord work, etc.

Rather than chose cheap electronics to cut down the cost, OLP have wisely decided to keep this axe passive. The 3 controls are Vol/Vol/Tone. Each volume controls one of the coils of the humbucker. With all the controls wide open, the tone is surprisingly close to that of the original Musicman (both coils in parallel), but you can experiment with the two volumes to get different tones than even a "real" Musicman cannot produce. Some customers even find this arrangement more useful than the 3 way switch (humbucker paralle/humbubker series,/single coil) found in the Sterling and Stingray 5 Musicman basses.

Neck and body dimensions are the same as a US Musicman. Of course, the american bass is a better instrument, but if you still don't have a Musicman in your arsenal and are short on money, you can do worse than check this bass out.



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