At we always have several left handed basses, and not just beginners models.

This Yamaha TRB5II L is a great instrument and proves you don't have to spend thousands of Euros to have a powerful solid bass that will last a lifetime.

This is a Japanese bass, not to be confused with the cheaper Korean TRB1005.

Here are the specs from Yamaha's website:

For sheer power and near-orchestral range, it's tough to beat our TRB bass series. The 5-string TRB5II is a serious low-end macine with 6-bolt, rosewood-on-maple neck, finely sculpted ash body, smoothly ergonomic cutaway and neck joint, and bottom-anchoring brass bridge. It includes a pair of beefy humbuckers, 35" scale length, and active electronics with surgically accurate three-band EQ.

35" Scale Length
Extending the string length improves note definition (especially on the low B string).

New Electronics
A quiter, cleaner circuit improves the overall sound quality.

Real-Time Midrange Control
Full range and sweep of mid frequencies.

Humbucking Pickups
Humbuckers give the bass more growl and less noise.

Yamaha TRB5II L

Yamaha TRB5II L

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