Polytone amps have been around for almost 40 years now. Ask any Jazz guitar or bass player and they will tell you how they like their Polytones: warm and detailed sound, flexible repamp and ease of transport are some of its best appreciated specs.

The single 15" extends nicely (and surprisingly) to the high frequencies, in a more natural way than most tweeters do.


Here are some more specs:


The Sonic Bass replaces the Mini-Brute III with a new dimension. Ch 2 SONIC CIRCUIT gives added warmth and richness. With Gain, Contour and Bass Drive endless varity of timbres can be achieved.

140 watts RMS

Active bass, mid, Treble controls.

Master Volume

Ch 1 - Normal / Ch 2 SONIC CIRCUIT

3 potentiometers - Gain, Contour, Bass Drive

Jacks for Preamp Signal Out Ext. Spkr. & Headphones

Effects Loop

Heavy Duty 15" speaker

Tough black textured covering & steel mesh grill

Sonic Bass II


This newest State of the Art model is the EPITOME of perfection.

Sonic Network - featuring 3 different voicings.

Sonic Bass is like having 2 separate amplifiers in one.

Heavy duty 15" speaker

Dimensions: 20 1/2" H x 18" W x 12" D

Polytone Sonic Bass

Polytone Sonic Bass

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