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This bass is part of the most affordable range in the Spector prestigious line of basses 

Spector is one of these brands that are more famous for the copies and versions that some other brands have made of their products than they are because of their own name.

Many of today's standard bass features such as ergonomic body, comfortable neck and clear and punchy sound are trademarks of this brand, so it is no surprise that they enjoyed a lot of success in the 80's.

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You can read Ned Steinberger's letter explaining how he came with with the design of these basses here

You can read the whole story about Spector basses here

This bass has a clear and full sound that will cut through a wall of guitars no problem. The two EMG designed pickups are controlled by two Volumes and two Tones, and you should find enough sonic variation there.

Of course the looks in this bass are striking. Depending on the ambient light, the Holloflash finish will reflect in continuosly changing colours. Amazing stage presence!

Spector Performer 4 Holoflash

Spector Performer 4 Holoflash

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