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Lakland 5501 Sunburst

Here's a great new Skyline 5501.

As usual, this models represent great value and is proof that you don't have to spend a fortune to buy a bass that allows you to cover many different styles successfully.

Click here to read how a Lakland Skyline bass is created.

Two Bartolini Mk1 pickups put out a tone that is powerful yet subtle and of course noise free. The 3 band preamp (active/passive) can take you anywhere from deep lows, scooped mids and also detailed treble.

The long scale (35") adds the needed tension to make the low B perform great and avoid the usual volume dropout in that string found in many basses in this price range and even more expensive.

Tone can be described as modern and well defined, with a nice punch.
Lakland’s own bridge allows for thru the body stringing or the more traditional method. Tuners are top quality Hipshot.

In short: a great bass for the price.

Lakland Skyline 5501 sunburst

Lakland Skyline 5501 sunburst

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