Squier P Bass Special

We are glad to say that every new Squier seems to better made than previous models. This brand new P Special proves this.

Squier is one of Fender’s brands, and under that name we have seen and played instruments from Japan, Korea and now China. The new Squier instruments are probably the most consistent from one to the next, and also represent the best value ever.

Over the years, many players have done modifications to their Precision Basses, such as installing a Jazz pickup at the bridge or adding a chrome pickguard. Well, Fender has listened to those players and have released this modified Precision. Thanks.

While a Jazz Bass is still one of the most versatile basses, a good Precision has a tone all of its own thanks to the split pickup. Well, here you have the best of both worlds, with two pickups, wide P neck and eye catching looks.

Squier Precision Special Mirror

Squier Precision Special Mirror

Enlace web http://www.squierguitars.com/


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