Fender Jazz Bass Standard Fretless

Without a doubt, a fretless bass is an incredibly expressive instrument. Jaco Pastorius is credited as one of the first players to remove the frets from his Jazz Bass to explore new sounds and possibilities, and hundreds of bassists have taken it from there for the last 30 years.

In this case, this is an inexpensive Jazz Bass Standard MIM (Made in Mexico) with fret lines to help you play in tune.

The bass comes with heavy flat wound strings which deliver a lot of thump and deep fundamentals.

If you prefer fretless with a more swinging voice (Pastorius, Palladino, Manring and Bona, to put some clear examples), then we suggest Doctorbass’ own method to make any fretless a true inspiring instrument: special strings for fretless (GHS Pressurewounds, La Bella or Rotosound Black Nylon strings) and a very special set up for maximum “mwhaaaaaa”

Fender Standard Jazz Bass Fretless

Fender Standard Jazz Bass Fretless

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