LTD B-50

If you are familiar with bands such as Metallica, you know ESP guitars. LTD is the affordable line of ESP instruments.
Like their 6 string cousins (you know, those irritating trebly basses… erm also called “guitars”), LTD basses have an aggressive look and are easy to play. Many models use EMG electronics, so yo can be sure they will sound great.
This is a B-50 bass, the most affordable of this series.
It is a simple, no frills bass, perfect as a beginner’s instrument and as a spare or second bass with a different tuning; we have turned several of these into baritone tuning (BEAD) and it really works.
Two single coil pickups (P/J) deliver 3 punchy sounds that will cut through in the loudest band.
Black hardware throughout, of course.



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