Here's a top seller:

This 4x10" cab packs a lot of power (up to 800W RMS @ 4Ω) and sounds simply great.

The 2" high frequency driver sounds way better than those cheapo piezo tweeters found in so many lesser cabs. The EBS trademark highs can be controlled from any EBS head "Bright" control, and there's a continuous pad at the back of the cab for added control.

Rated at 4Ω, this cab is a great match for any brand's head, as you will get all the power form a 4Ω head with just one single cab, making a great compact rig that has to be heard to be believed.

Of course, hooking this cab with an EBS head is perfect. Remember, these are the cabinets that Marcus Miller is currently using (with HD350 heads).

EBS 410

EBS 410

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