Yamaha started the BB series of bass guitars in the 80’s, borrowing maybe from some classical designs, but adding their own spice in electronics and playability. This series was stopped in the 90’s, but is now back thanks to popular demand. The good news is that some BB models (as in the old days) are really affordable working player’s basses.

This updated line-up includes active, passive, 4 & string models, as well as some signature models (Michael Anthony and Nathan East).

The BB415 is the passive 5 string model in this series.

Controls are: Volume, Tone & 3 way pickup selector.

Simple and effective. You can’t go wrong with this bass. Just choose the bridge pickup for biting lines, the neck pickup for throaty lows and mids (think classic P bass) and mix both for an all round sound that can cover just any style.

The bass is 34” scale, but the low B is 34,25”, just enough to give that string the right tension to obtain great definition an volume.

Yamaha BB415

Yamaha BB415

Enlace web http://www.yamaha.com/


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