Combining superior performance and less weight than a traditional bass instrument cabinet, Epifani Ultra Light cabinets have become the standard of excellence in bass cabinet design since their inception just a few short years ago. Made from uncommonly strong yet lightweight Italian Poplar, the UL Cabinets employ an internal bracing design that would make a traditional cabinet too heavy for 1 person to handle. This material allows for a sturdier cabinet construction, more precise cabinet tuning and further reduces sound-damaging resonances.

Loaded with high performance NeoDymium drivers built to demanding specifications specifically for Epifani, the cabinets are tuned to reveal the true nature and nuance of your instrument's character. Even the crossovers are made from the highest quality components - the best polypropylene capacitors, 18 gauge inductors and sealed 1/4"phono/Neutrix SpeakOn connectors. The cabinets are finished in heavy duty fabric and protected by high-impact plastic corners for years of sustained use and abuse.

Another Epifani innovation. With it's 750 Watt RMS power handling, this latest edition to the Epifani line is quickly becoming an industry favorite. The UL-310 combines the size and weight of a 210 with the power of a 410 while retaining the versatility needed to work with any amp on the market today. During it's design, Nick Epifani enlisted the help of bass player Lincoln Goines.

The newer and perfected design of this model with its improved speaker suspension and increased cabinet depth has to be heard to be believed!

3 x 250w RMS Cast Aluminum Frame 100w RMS Tweeter
Freq Response: 40hz - 16khz
Power Rating: 750w RMS (1800w Peak)
4 Ohms
Suggested Wattage: 200w - 1000w
Dimensions: 23" H x 21.5" W x 16.5 " D
Sensitivity: 103db SPL @ 1w 1m
Weight: 47 lbs.

Epifani UL310

Epifani UL310

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