Here are the specs from Epifani's website:

The Epifani UL series Combo amps are the perfect marriage between our transducer, cabinet and electronic designs. Suited for studio or any live applications, the combos perform with same clarity and power you would expect from Epifani. All of our combos come standard with professional features like a three band equalizer with sweepable midrange, pre-amp mute and treble shift, pedal controller, Neutrik Speakon power amp out, AC line in with USA/Europe voltage, direct out with level control & pre/post EQ selector, ground lift, pre-amp out, tuner out, effects send & return with series/parallel selector and all amps are available (by special request) with Jensen transformers.

Epifani has once again leapt over the status quo! After nearly three years in the making we proudly present our long awaited 502 Combo Amps. Colossal power, superb tone and stunning good looks all rolled up in one compact unit that truly delivers!

A finely crafted, highly professional instrument, designed with the help of top professionals simply to “get the job done right” from club to arena. Here is a music machine any player would be proud to own. Easy to operate, easy to carry and easy to enjoy! It’s the whole Epifani package…. in one hand. Epifani: No More Tweaking, Make Music!

Power Rating:
600w @ 4 oHms
58 lbs.
19 1/4 "W x 16"D x 27 1/2" H
1 Active, 1 Passive
Signal to Noise Ratio:
90 dB
Output Impedance:
4 oHms
Input Impedance:
Passive 470 KoHms, Active 200 KoHms

Two seperate footswitchable channels
Dual instrument inputs
Mute button with LED indicator
Channel 1 controls (gain, bass, mid, treble, mid-cut)
Channel 2 controls (gain, bass, mid, treble, treble-shift, parametric mid eq)
On/off switch
Master volume control
Direct out with level control & pre/post EQ selector
Ground lift
Preamp out
Tuner out
Effects send & return with series/parallel selector
Pedal controller: ch1/ch2, mute/tuner, mid-cut
Neutrix Speak-On poweramp out
AC line in with USA/Europe voltage
All amps available with Jensen transformers

Epifani UL210C

Epifani UL210C

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