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As you probably know, Emmet Chapman created Stick Enterprises more than 30 years ago in California. He had been trying different approaches to guitar playing and eventually developed a new instrument called Stick. The original and most popular model has 10 strings with this arrangement: a low C string sits in the middle and then you have ascending 4ths and ascending 5hts on each side. This allows the player to play bass lines, chords and melody with each hand.

Powerful as the 10 string Stick is, some players might feel overwhelmed by a instrument that requires you to start from scratch. Emmet Chapman created the Stick Bass a few years ago, offering bass & guitar players a version of his instrument in a more straight forward arrangement. Tuning is (low to high): B, E, A, D, G, C, F, Bb

Two EMG pickups are used to reproduce the SB8’s wide range faithfully. Using a “Y” cable, you can split the signal in two 4 string groups, allowing you to process them individually. An optional Roland MIDI pickup has been added to this particular model, so you can add a great variety of sounds using the Roland GR-20 or GR-33, or even access the most popular bass sounds using the revolutionary Roland V-Bass system.

You can order this SB8 now from us, but you can also order a different Stick too. Build up time is currently 4-6 months, and there is a number of options available when you place an order.

If you have ever tapped on a guitar or bass, you will find that this technique is much easier to play on the SB8.

I have to admit that I ordered this instrument to add to the selection of basses at Doctorbass, but I have decided to keep one for me. Why? Contrary to what I expected, I was playing simple things on the SB8 a couple of hours after I received it. Some hours later I could play bass & chords simultaneously, as well as some nice melodies with trills & grace notes that would just be too difficult to play on a regular bass or guitar. The MIDI option is a really nice addition, as it allows me to use pads, synths and many other sounds from a single instrument. What’s more, tracking is much better on a Stick than on a bass or guitar, thanks to the clean notes that tapping produces.

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Stick Bass SB8

Stick Bass SB8

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