From the German Maple Master Siggi Jagger, here comes a brand new 4 stringer. It is a BaseX model, similar to the 5 string we sold recently.
The relatively wide body is surprisingly light, thanks to the swamp ash used. The neck is a beautiful piece of bird’s eye maple topped with a solid ebody board. Black hardware throughout complet this elegant package.
Instead of the usual Delano pickups, we asked Siggi to install a set of Bartolini humbuckers. These pickups are sure hard to find, but once you have a bass fitted with Bart’s, you understand why so many pros choose them.
Sound could be described as modern and HIFI, but far from the sterile bass lacking tone that plagues so many “modern” basses. This bass will faithfully reproduce anything you throw at it, be it slap, tapping, harmonics or standard fingerstyle. Using a pick is quite impressive too, with a new definition and nice attack, perfect for flamenco vamps and speed playing.
The active/passive 2 band preamp really bring out the best in this bass.

Human Base BaseX

Human Base BaseX

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