This is what Chris himself has to say about this instrument:

RMC 5B. What makes this 5B special (apart from the beautiful Irish walnut) is the RMC piezo saddles fitted in the Hipshot bridge. I had given up on piezo systems for solid basses having tried so many of them and being disappointed with the way they all had a harshness to the sound. Ken Wittman told me about the RMC stuff and it is very, very, good. The blend circuitry supplied by RMC allows for the mixing of the magnetic pickups (in this case Seymour Duncan active Jazz Bass type) with the piezo signal. The result is a bass with much of the tone of a double bass or an electric bass or a combination of each. I think you could make a solid bass with only the RMC pickups and a good EQ and get almost all the sounds you could wish for.

Chris Larkin 5B Piezo

Chris Larkin 5B Piezo

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