160W, 1x12” +1”

As you probably know, Roland produce a limited range of amplifiers, but when they come up with something new, it is worth checking it out. This feature loaded little combo delivers 150W RMS through a custom 12” speaker. The 1” horn faithfully reproduces all the high frequencies with great fidelity. The power amp section delivers clean uncoloured tones, but thanks to the onboard COSM technology, you can also get both great mild overdriven sound and even extreme distortion that have to be heard to be believed. Add to that a nice compressor, pre shape EQ, 3 band graphic with sweepable mids, the classic Roland Chorus effect (need we say more?) and you get a great package that is really versatile. To top it all, Roland have included a programmable section where you can store your 2 favourite settings and get 3 great sounds (2 presets + manual mode) at the flick of a switch (or footswitch). The rear panel is just as comprehensive as the top, and there’s everything from twin DI outputs to FX loop , tuner output and more.

Roland DB500


03 de julio de 2022


¿Recomienda este amplificador para usarse con una guitarra y diferentes pedales de efectos?

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