This model is a reissue and has the same body as those original Status models from the 80’s. i.e. mahogany body has a nice walnut top and is satin finished throughout. The graphite neck is bolted to the body, so you get a great attack but also more punch and some wood tone from the body. String spacing is just right for any technique from fingerstyle to slap, chords and tapping. String to string balance is the best we’ve ever heard, thanks to the graphite’s consistency. Two Status made hyperactive humbuckers pick up every nuance, so this is the kind of bass that actually makes you play better and cleaner. 18 volts fro 2 batteries provide extra headroom. The low B is really tight and focused. You may like or not the headless design, but it is definitely a bonus if you are thinking about a bass that is easy to carry around (it fits into a guitar gig bag or case).

Status S-2 Classic

Status S-2 Classic

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