What happens when a top notch P.A. company such as Kv2 Audio build a series of bass amps? You guessed it: they design and build the same way as they do with their P.A. sytems. Krampera are high performance amps and cabs.Forget about the specs. You just have to listen to this stuff. Noise free operation, ultrasensitive cabs, sturdy construction, etc. Needless to say, they sound amazing. We've been lucky enough to get hold of a few pieces with a fantastic offer so we are passing the savings on to you. Check it out.

The B1B forms the solid foundation of a KVB Bass Guitar System. Like the B1 and B1T it is compact, lightweight and made of the same Baltic Birch wood with protective Polymer coating but replaces the 12" driver with a very high quality low inductance lightweight 15"ť speaker that delivers improved bass frequency response and adds real weight and improved definition.

The B1B can be used as a stand-alone cabinet with the KVB 800 amplifier or as part of a larger system with either the B1 or B1T cabinet.

Krampera B1B

Speakers: 15” low inductance lightweight woofer
Power handling: 300W RMS
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Porting: Yes, front
Weight: 29kg
Other: Built in Protect circuit
Country of origin: Czech Republic
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Krampera B1B