This is the latest model from the TecAmp guys in Germany and it is pretty impressive.

It is based on the flagship Virtue Cab by TecAmp but takes half the space. It features ceramic 12" and 10" speakers as well as no less than 3 different tweeter systems that can be selected or combined as you wish.

Don't let the small size fool you. This 12" +10" cab is able of producing impressive pressure while sounding more natural and uncolored than the competition. Combine this cab with a head like TecAmp's own Puma 500 and you'll get a impressive rig that is extremely easy to carry around and sounds like nothing else in the market. Check it out.

TecAmp SuperCab 8 Ohm

Speakers: 12" + 10", Ceramic. 3 way Treble System
Power handling: 600W RMS
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Frequency response: 42-20.000 Hz
Sensitivity: 101dB
Tweeter control: Yes, OFF-50%-100% x3
Weight: 22.5kg/49.55lbs
Other: 3 Way Treble System Neodymium Tweeter, Ferrolelectric Tweeter , 4" Ceramic cone driver
Country of origin: Germany
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TecAmp SuperCab 8 Ohm